Sears Seating Introduces The New Atlas II Truck Seat


Today, many of the larger truck seats are more comfortable, wider and loaded with all kinds of options.  While this is great for many drivers, sometimes these wider seats have posed problems for some trucks with a narrower cab or where the driver has less room to move between the seats.  Occasionally, drivers have voiced complaints of armrests or air controls hitting the doors or drivers having to awkwardly twist to get between seats.  These inconveniences have led to the extreme situation of drivers having to resort to removing the armrest entirely.  Due to some of these concerns, Sears listened to driver feedback and took action.

Alas, as a leader in the construction seating industry truck seats, Sears Seating has updated and improved its long lasting Elite 80 truck seat line.  It recently introduced the Sears Atlas II truck seat with new and improved features including:  left-handed air controls that are now flush mount to the seat (they no longer protrude past the seat), smoother controls for the independent seat tilt and independent seat cushion extension of the truck seat, and a molded boot protecting the suspension rather than the vinyl drop cover.  In addition to these new improvements, Sears Seating still offers an optional fold-away armrest that can conveniently fold behind the truck seat for easy access to the back of your cab.   If you find yourself having to twist and awkwardly turn between the seats in order to move about your cab, this is an option you should seriously consider.  In fact, your current Elite 80 seats can also be updated with these innovative and space saving armrests.  When both the driver and passenger seats have the stow-away armrests installed, you can easily add an up to an additional seven inches of space between your seats.

Sears, along with the Atlas II, has also introduced a specific line called the Atlas II LE Series.  This series still offers the standard features such as:  a 22” wide, luxury style seat cushion, double locking slides with 9” travel and fore/aft isolator and a quad-chamber air lumbar system and 180 degree recliner.  However the LE Series offers a Leatherette/cloth option, thereby allowing the seat to provide a heating and cooling option.  The seat is actually cooled with fans installed in the lower portion of the seat, thereby allowing air to come up through the cloth seat cushion and keep the driver cool.

As noted, the Atlas II has some new improvements.  This doesn’t mean they don’t still offer some of the previously popular options such as:  heated cushions, swivel base (the driver side turns 180 degrees to the right and the passenger side turns 180 degrees to the left), heat and massage, and a variety of various trim choices including cloth, Leatherette (similar to the Elite 80’s Ultraleather), and some of their “Special Edition” two-tone seat options.

For additional information or to see what other options might be available for your truck, please feel free to contact United Group’s seating specialists at (800)223-7003 or email us at  United Group, located in Lake Forest, Illinois, has been providing seating options for the past 25 years and offers many solutions for your truck seat needs.