The Many Advantages of Harness Seats

Heavy equipment operator safety is always a concern with construction and mining companies.   Making sure the operator is buckled in with a standard lap belt is required and in many of the cases can protect the operator from serious injury.   One thing a lap belt can’t prevent is the operator’s torso from jolting forward in a front end collision or turnover.   This can result in serious head injuries to the equipment operator.   Harness seats are becoming the uncontested solution for this issue.   The benefits of harness seat over the tradition lap belt are bountiful, and include:

    • The crash forces are spread over the skeletal body, distributing between more points than the standard lap belt.
    • The crash forces are spread to the strongest parts of the body.
    • Forward head excursion (the distance the head is thrown forward) are lessened .
    • Traditional harness belts allow little to no moving around once strapped.   Many harness belt seats feature an inertia reel, which allows your harness belt to function like your stock belt. That means you can still move around but it will lock under sudden movement or jolt.
    • Most 3 and  4 point harness belts buckle at one point like a standard lap belt which makes for easy in and out of the seat.
    • Many harness seats offered meet ISO 7096, accommodate drivers weighing 110lbs.-330lbs. and are easily fitted to a wide range of machines (Including wheel loaders, articulated dump-trucks and dozers).


The factory seat for most machines can be upgraded to a 3 or 4 point harness seat.   Many different brands and options are available through Industrial Seats.   The harness belt and seat are constructed by the same manufacturer that supplies seats to all the major OEM’s such as Caterpillar, Case, Komatsu, Deere, and more.  The 3 and 4 point harness seats meet SAE J2292 and SAE J386.

Each harness belt will have tags marked for inspection and will come with a custom mounting installation kit.   Therefore it will be a direct bolt in with no need for further fabrication to make it fit.  At Industrial Seats you can speak with an application specialist to quickly find a solution for your machine(s).