CONEXPO 2014 Preview


As many of you already know, the mother of all construction equipment shows is coming up this March 4th-8th, It’s CONEXPO 2014 in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!  CONEXPO is one of the largest construction equipment shows in the world and manufacturers and attendees from all over the globe will be in attendance.  Whether you’re a customer of Industrial Seats or have never done business with us, we encourage you to stop by our booth and say hello to one of our friendly staff and learn more about our seating solutions. Our booth will be in the South Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth # 63510.

At our booth we will have on display multiple different products that represent our abilities and product line. Not only do we offer a multitude of direct replacement seating options that are the same as the OEM seat found in your fleet but we also take it to the next level! Are you looking for a custom designed or engineered seat for a unique or extreme application that’s built to last? Come see and speak with us about one of our Iron Horse industrial seat solutions.

 We have seating solutions for multiple different types of construction equipment. Let’s dive into to some of our many offerings. First up are scrapers. If your scraper seats are not holding up and your fleet manager is going crazy replacing seats, come talk to us about one of our field proven Iron Horse scraper seat and suspensions. Designed to the extreme and fitted with the most durable components, this series of seat is the answer for your scraper fleet. Our Iron Horse scraper seats can be custom configured and are designed to keep your fleet up and running and eliminate machine downtime.

Another field proven custom product from Industrial Seats on display at our booth will be our Forestry POD seat with 4 point seat belt. As you already know, forestry is also an extremely demanding application and is very tough on components of the machine and the operators that run them. Our Forestry POD seat is designed to both survive this application and provide the operator with the most comfort and protection.

If you’re an OEM construction equipment manufacturer and are looking for a seat that not only gives you the ability to differentiate your product, but is built to survive extreme conditions and provide great operator comfort, then look no further than the Industrial Seats booth. In our booth you will find one of our custom mining seats that was developed to the OEM’s specifications. This product features a heavy duty suspension, left and right armrests that allow infinite adjustment positions, a three point seat belt and a heavy duty seat frame. All of these features rolled up provide the ultimate in comfort and durability.

These products are just a small representation of our capabilities in the seating industry. Industrial Seats has 25 years experience developing seating solutions and we can help you with your toughest machine application. Put Booth # 63510 on your visit list while your at CONEXPO 2014

National Farm Machinery Show Preview

The Industrial Seats team will be attending the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky on Feb 12-15 at booth # 615/617.

The 2014 National Farm Machinery Show is the 49th such iteration, and will be held at the Kentucky Exposition Center.  In 2013, the combined National Farm Machinery Show and Championship Tractor Pull attendance was 312,206.  This number is expected to grow, and Industrial Seats could not be more excited for the opportunity to display their products to an enthusiastic and receptive crowd.

No National Farm Machinery Show is complete without revolutionary and exciting new products being showcased.  Industrial Seats plans to deliver on this expectation, bringing a variety of seats that are new for the 2014 season.  You can expect to see the following seats at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show:

Sears 3030


Suspension Features:

  • Compact air suspension
  • Stroke – 130mm
  • Weight adjust-45kg-130kg
  • Shock absorber
  • Molded suspension cover
  • Single locking roller slides
Seat Top Features:

  • 3000 Series Static Seat Top
  • Contoured metal seat & back pan
  • Ergonomic contoured comfort cushion
  • Available in 2 widths (482mm, 508mm)
  • Fold flat back rest
  • Vinyl or cloth
  • Recliner
  • Mechanical lumbar

The Sears 3030 is for Deere tractors with an 11” well.

Grammer DDS



  • The new innovative standard for passive seat suspension systems.
  • The Maximo Dynamic ushers in a whole new dimension of passive-suspended seats for midsize and large tractors.
  • Its newly developed Dynamic Damping System enhances the proven air suspension system to noticeably reduce low-frequency vibrations.
  • At the same time, the system prevents the seat from striking the top and bottom stops during rapid acceleration on extremely rough terrain.
  • This means considerably less strain on the driver and sets new standards of passive suspension comfort, productivity and cost-effectiveness.
  • The Grammer DDS is a great fit for CASE IH, New Holland, Deere and Versatile tractors.


These seats give a great sense of where the industry is headed.  So stop by the National Farm Machinery Show, check out these phenomenal seating options and say hi to the Industrial Seats team.  We can’t wait to see you there!

“Will Ya’ Give Me?” …A Replacement Seat for Used Heavy Equipment

It’s February and you know what that means – Valentine’s Day? Awards Show Season?  Super Bowl? All of those are valid answers, but we’re talking about Auction Season. In fact, for the car enthusiasts out there it already started in January with Barrett-Jackson. But we’re focused on the heavy equipment auctions in Florida in this post.

The latest issue of Construction Equipment Guide has just hit the newsstands with a cover and coverage of Florida Auctions – February 1st through February 22nd.  For those of you stuck in the polar vortex that is hitting the Midwest and East Coast this winter, a trip to Florida for any reason next month probably sounds like a great idea.  For those of you looking to get your hands on a piece of used equipment, there is an added bonus. 

Going off of the articles and ads in Construction Equipment Guide, there is a lot to see and something for everyone. There is a wide range of unused and used heavy equipment for sale:

  • Construction equipment
  • Farm equipment
  • Commercial trucks
  • Forestry equipment
  • Mining equipment

Two big names that stand out are Ritchie Bros. and CAT Auctions:

Ritchie Bros. is the world’s largest auctioneer of heavy equipment and trucks. They have been serving equipment buyers and sellers since 1958. According to their website, “in 2012, close to 100,000 people purchased US $3.9 billion of heavy equipment at Ritchie Bros.TM unreserved public auctions.”

CAT Auction Services puts on a heavy equipment auction that offers detailed inspections to CAT Used standards, Equipment Protection Plans on qualified CAT equipment, CAT dealer support after you buy, financing for pre-qualified customers from CAT Financial Services, and tax efficiency opportunities by utilizing Like-Kind Exchange.

Yoder & Frey, celebrating their 50th Anniversary, and  Alex Lyon & Son, holding their 21st Annual Auction, are also players in the Florida Auction scene this year.

Here are the important dates for your calendars:

Ritchie Bros
February 17-22

CAT Auctions
February 17-22

Yoder & Frey
February 10-17

Alex Lyon & Son
February 1- 9

In addition to the on-site Florida auctions, interested buyers can also participate online or check any of the company sites for live auctions across the US.

Industrial Seats are not the experts in auctions; in fact we will be in Louisville instead of Florida this month at the National Farm Machinery Show and are busy preparing for ConExpo in March.  However, we are experts in seats for your heavy equipment. Construction, farm, commercial trucks, forestry, mining equipment – you name it we have a replacement seat for it.  So if you end up picking up a used piece of heavy equipment with a worn out seat at the auctions or if you are just looking to invest in your current fleet, our application specialists can help you find a model that will not only fit but bolt-right in, is manufactured by the same companies as the OEM seat, and keep your operators productive in 2014.

Questions on seats? Contact us before the top models are “going, going, gone!” 

Sears Seating Introduces The New Atlas II Truck Seat


Today, many of the larger truck seats are more comfortable, wider and loaded with all kinds of options.  While this is great for many drivers, sometimes these wider seats have posed problems for some trucks with a narrower cab or where the driver has less room to move between the seats.  Occasionally, drivers have voiced complaints of armrests or air controls hitting the doors or drivers having to awkwardly twist to get between seats.  These inconveniences have led to the extreme situation of drivers having to resort to removing the armrest entirely.  Due to some of these concerns, Sears listened to driver feedback and took action.

Alas, as a leader in the construction seating industry truck seats, Sears Seating has updated and improved its long lasting Elite 80 truck seat line.  It recently introduced the Sears Atlas II truck seat with new and improved features including:  left-handed air controls that are now flush mount to the seat (they no longer protrude past the seat), smoother controls for the independent seat tilt and independent seat cushion extension of the truck seat, and a molded boot protecting the suspension rather than the vinyl drop cover.  In addition to these new improvements, Sears Seating still offers an optional fold-away armrest that can conveniently fold behind the truck seat for easy access to the back of your cab.   If you find yourself having to twist and awkwardly turn between the seats in order to move about your cab, this is an option you should seriously consider.  In fact, your current Elite 80 seats can also be updated with these innovative and space saving armrests.  When both the driver and passenger seats have the stow-away armrests installed, you can easily add an up to an additional seven inches of space between your seats.

Sears, along with the Atlas II, has also introduced a specific line called the Atlas II LE Series.  This series still offers the standard features such as:  a 22” wide, luxury style seat cushion, double locking slides with 9” travel and fore/aft isolator and a quad-chamber air lumbar system and 180 degree recliner.  However the LE Series offers a Leatherette/cloth option, thereby allowing the seat to provide a heating and cooling option.  The seat is actually cooled with fans installed in the lower portion of the seat, thereby allowing air to come up through the cloth seat cushion and keep the driver cool.

As noted, the Atlas II has some new improvements.  This doesn’t mean they don’t still offer some of the previously popular options such as:  heated cushions, swivel base (the driver side turns 180 degrees to the right and the passenger side turns 180 degrees to the left), heat and massage, and a variety of various trim choices including cloth, Leatherette (similar to the Elite 80’s Ultraleather), and some of their “Special Edition” two-tone seat options.

For additional information or to see what other options might be available for your truck, please feel free to contact United Group’s seating specialists at (800)223-7003 or email us at  United Group, located in Lake Forest, Illinois, has been providing seating options for the past 25 years and offers many solutions for your truck seat needs.

Heat Your Seat

If there is one thing that Winter Storm Hercules might have taught us, it is that some features thought to be superfluous may actually be necessary to complete a job under extreme circumstances.  One such amenity is the heated seat.  Something I have never personally taken for granted since our introduction (I’ll never forget the first time we met) but yet it’s a feature I see many customers passing on daily.  It’s understandable that when facing a budget constraint something viewed as an unnecessary feature would be the first to feel that crunch.  But why is it deemed as unnecessary to begin with?  That’s what I’m unsure of, and I think that you should be questioning your quick trigger response as well.

So let us take a look at some industrial seats that have the capability of keeping you warm on a record-breaking cold day for minimal add-on cost, and allow you to complete your daily tasks while simultaneously avoiding frostbite.

KAB 525

  • Mechanical Suspension
  • 4 inch stroke with shock damper
  • Mid-Height backrest with full range recline
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Double locking sliderails
  • Seat belt anchorage to ISO 6683 & SAE J486
  • Weight Range: 110-300lbs

IRONHORSE Seating™ 5000

  • Heavy duty mechanical suspension
  • Fully reclining backrest
  • EVC seat cushion support
  • Extreme duty Tufftex fabric trim
  • Wide adjustment range mechanical lumbar support
  • Heavy duty double locking sliderails

Grammer MSG75G/531

  • Air Suspension
  • 3” stroke
  • 12V integral compressor
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Heavy duty sliderails
  • Supports operators up to 375lbs

Is it unnecessary for an employee to be comfortable to complete a job?  Absolutely not, and since we are staring a “Polar Vortex” in the face  I think it’s as good time as any to remind employers that a heated seat is more than a feature left to the fat cats in luxury automobiles. It is a necessary feature to ensure productivity during the frigid winter months.

Does Your Forklift Seat Require A Seat Belt?

Forklift seat belts can prevent drivers from being crushed when a forklift tips over.

Unlike cars, forklift seat belts are not meant to protect drivers from high speed collisions. Instead, forklift seat belts are intended to protect drivers from being crushed, in the event the forklift tips over.  As the forklift begins to tip, the driver’s natural urge is to jump out. This can lead to the driver becoming crushed between the forklift and the ground. The seat belts save lives by preventing drivers from jumping.


The Occupational Safety & Health Administration does not have a specific rule requiring forklifts to have seat belts. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, employers are required to protect employees from “serious and recognized hazards.” All powered industrial trucks manufactured after 1992 are required by OSHA to have seat belts or another type of restraint. This is to reduce the risk of being crushed, or “mousetrapped,” in the event that the forklift overturns. Mousetrapping is a recognized and serious hazard, and OSHA would enforce the need to have seat belts on forklifts under this rule.


If a forklift does not have a seat belt, OSHA can mandate the installation of one. This requires the employer to be notified by the forklift manufacturer that a mousetrapping hazard exists and that a retrofitting program has been initiated. If the employer does not take advantage of the retrofitting program, once it knows it exists, OSHA can cite the company for failure to comply.

Wearing Seat Belts

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration requires that operators use seat belts when they are furnished. Employers are responsible for ensuring that forklift operators are wearing their seat belts. If the operator does not use a seat belt, the employer could be cited for failure to comply with OSHA standards under the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Penalties and Compliance

An OSHA compliance officer who observes a forklift operator not using a seat belt can issue a citation to the employer for failing to comply with OSHA regulations. Before issuing the citation, the compliance officer is required to check with the manufacturer of the forklift to make sure that the machine either was manufactured with a seat belt or had a retro kit available to the employer. If the forklift has a seat belt, or if there is a retrofit kit available, the officer will issue a citation. The employer also may have to pay a penalty to OSHA. The amount of the penalty depends on the degree of danger and whether the employer had previous citations.

Contact a seating specialist at Industrial Seats for more information on any of your industrial seat needs.

GIE+EXPO 2013 – NEW Turf Seat Options

It’s that time of year, the seasons have begun to change, football is well on its way and The Green Industry & Equipment Expo is nearing.

Yes, GIE+EXPO is all set to begin on October 23, 2013 at the Kentucky Exposition Center.  There will be 750 exhibits throughout the expo, instructional seminars and bountiful networking opportunities.  It’s all about who you know, right?  Beyond that, it will be a great excuse to debut a new line of industrial seats for the turf industry.

Lucky for you, I’m going to go over what exactly Industrial Seats will be bringing to GIE+EXPO next week.  Just in case you can’t make the trip out to the Bluegrass State.

And NOW, you’re starting lineup for the GIE+EXPO

United Center – Chicago, IL

Grammer is an extremely reliable, well known manufacturer and has two very different but equally effective industrial turf seats being unveiled at the GIE+EXPO.

Grammer B12 Low Profile

Grammer MSG65

Sears Seating has been around since 1855, YES, 1855.  They were founded before aspirin was discovered (1887).  Can you imagine?  What a PAIN that would have been.   They also have two turf seats for us to bring out to Kentucky for the GIE+EXPO.  Including the FLM1715E:

  • Mechanical or 12V Air Suspension
  • Operator Presence Switch
  • 375 lbs Weight Capacity
  • 3.1” Stroke

The ever evolving Seats, Inc. is another Wisconsin rooted manufacturer that Industrial Seats works closely with.  We’ll be making the trek to Kentucky with the I3M in hand, Seats, Inc. new turf seating option:

  • Available in Standard or Deluxe
  • EVC Cushion Support for Vibration
  • 3” Stroke

KAB Seating has an established distribution network, one that has developed world-wide.  They have subsidiaries in Sweden, Belgium, Australia and France. (in addition to their North American offices)  KAB Seating offers a wide range of seating options, and turf seating is no exception.  The COMPACT Air will be on display at the GIE+EXPO:

  • Compact 12V Air Suspension
  • Mid-ride Weight Indicator Gauge
  • Operator Presence Switch

Milsco started as a manufacturer of harnesses, collars and other farm horse accessories in 1924.  Since then they have continually evolved into “The Seating Solution Provider”.  Industrial Seats will be displaying two of their turf seats at the GIE+EXPO, including the V5300:

  • Mechanical or Air Suspension
  • Operator Presence Switch
  • Backrest Adjustment
  • Lumbar
  • 2.36” Stroke

Concentric began making industrial seats in 1995 and haven’t looked back since, even changing their company name in the process.  There will be one Concentric turf seat displayed at GIE+EXPO, the 480055:

  • Waterproof Black Vinyl
  • Backrest Adjustment & Fold Forward
  • Low Profile Suspension
  • Operator Presence Switch

With all of these great partners at our disposal, Industrial Seats is going to be the talk of GIE+EXPO.  Leave us a comment below and let us know if you’ll be in attendance.  Also, don’t forget to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!  See you at the GIE+EXPO!