The Many Advantages of Harness Seats

Heavy equipment operator safety is always a concern with construction and mining companies.   Making sure the operator is buckled in with a standard lap belt is required and in many of the cases can protect the operator from serious injury.   One thing a lap belt can’t prevent is the operator’s torso from jolting forward in a front end collision or turnover.   This can result in serious head injuries to the equipment operator.   Harness seats are becoming the uncontested solution for this issue.   The benefits of harness seat over the tradition lap belt are bountiful, and include:

    • The crash forces are spread over the skeletal body, distributing between more points than the standard lap belt.
    • The crash forces are spread to the strongest parts of the body.
    • Forward head excursion (the distance the head is thrown forward) are lessened .
    • Traditional harness belts allow little to no moving around once strapped.   Many harness belt seats feature an inertia reel, which allows your harness belt to function like your stock belt. That means you can still move around but it will lock under sudden movement or jolt.
    • Most 3 and  4 point harness belts buckle at one point like a standard lap belt which makes for easy in and out of the seat.
    • Many harness seats offered meet ISO 7096, accommodate drivers weighing 110lbs.-330lbs. and are easily fitted to a wide range of machines (Including wheel loaders, articulated dump-trucks and dozers).


The factory seat for most machines can be upgraded to a 3 or 4 point harness seat.   Many different brands and options are available through Industrial Seats.   The harness belt and seat are constructed by the same manufacturer that supplies seats to all the major OEM’s such as Caterpillar, Case, Komatsu, Deere, and more.  The 3 and 4 point harness seats meet SAE J2292 and SAE J386.

Each harness belt will have tags marked for inspection and will come with a custom mounting installation kit.   Therefore it will be a direct bolt in with no need for further fabrication to make it fit.  At Industrial Seats you can speak with an application specialist to quickly find a solution for your machine(s).

Seats Inc. Standoff: Legacy Series vs. Heritage Series

So you’re in the market for an on-highway truck seat?  Well that’s great, because we’re going to discuss some of the finest seats in the industry:  The Heritage and Legacy Series by Seats Inc.

What we’re going to run through today are the major differences between the two Series, to help you make an educated decision on which offering will ultimately cater to your needs most effectively.

First things first: I can’t say enough about Seats Inc.  Their seats are remarkable; comfortable, sturdy and user-friendly.  However, there are some differences between the two series that may aid in making an educated choice on which specific seat to purchase.

Let us begin this comparison with one of the major differences

Fully Reclining Backrest vs 15-Degree Recline

The difference here is rather obvious.  Seats Inc. Legacy Series sports a Fully Reclining Backrest while the Heritage Series offers a 15-Degree Recline.  On the surface, this seems like a minimal issue.  But to the end-users that actually utilize the seat itself, this is a major sticking point.  A full recline allows for less pressure to be put on the discs in your back.  This is a serious issue that drivers encounter, especially since they have a job that involves sitting down for the majority of time.   Allowing the driver to recline as far back as needed to achieve optimal comfort seems more like a necessity than a luxury option.

Pressure Mapping

D2 Foam Technology/EVC Cushion Comfort System

I’m sure you’ve all heard of “pressure mapping” by now.  It’s how your body weight is distributed as you are sitting.  The great thing about the Legacy Series is that it was developed using sophisticated pressure mapping equipment.  Meaning that your body weight will be evenly distributed to provide a more comfortable and safe sitting experience. 



Pneumatic (AIR) Lumbars vs 2-Way Adjustable Lumbar

The human spine is a very unique portion of the human body.  Every spine has a different shape and curvature when compared to the next, and the same spine can even take different shapes throughout a given day.

This is why adjustable lumbars are such an important feature.  Now the main difference between the Legacy and Heritage Series in this regard is that the Legacy Series offers Pneumatic (AIR) Lumbars while the Heritage Series comes with a 2-Way Adjustable Lumbar.  Both offer the ability to customize your seat to fit the curvature of your spine, but the Legacy Series allows you to take that customization one step further.

NoContest7-Year Unlimited Mile Warranty vs 5-Year Unlimited Mile Warranty

While self-explanatory, this last key difference can play a huge part in a buyer’s decision.  And it should.  The fact that there are 7 years of unlimited mile warranty should speak wonders for this product on its own merit.   But the added warranty with the other features mentioned?  It’s a no contest as far as I’m concerned.

An estimated 50% of people in the industrialized world suffer from back issues that are related to a poor seat design.  That’s a staggering number.  Both the Heritage and Legacy Series seats by Seats Inc. can help diminish that number, and prevent you from becoming a statistic.

GIE+EXPO 2013 – NEW Turf Seat Options

It’s that time of year, the seasons have begun to change, football is well on its way and The Green Industry & Equipment Expo is nearing.

Yes, GIE+EXPO is all set to begin on October 23, 2013 at the Kentucky Exposition Center.  There will be 750 exhibits throughout the expo, instructional seminars and bountiful networking opportunities.  It’s all about who you know, right?  Beyond that, it will be a great excuse to debut a new line of industrial seats for the turf industry.

Lucky for you, I’m going to go over what exactly Industrial Seats will be bringing to GIE+EXPO next week.  Just in case you can’t make the trip out to the Bluegrass State.

And NOW, you’re starting lineup for the GIE+EXPO

United Center – Chicago, IL

Grammer is an extremely reliable, well known manufacturer and has two very different but equally effective industrial turf seats being unveiled at the GIE+EXPO.

Grammer B12 Low Profile

Grammer MSG65

Sears Seating has been around since 1855, YES, 1855.  They were founded before aspirin was discovered (1887).  Can you imagine?  What a PAIN that would have been.   They also have two turf seats for us to bring out to Kentucky for the GIE+EXPO.  Including the FLM1715E:

  • Mechanical or 12V Air Suspension
  • Operator Presence Switch
  • 375 lbs Weight Capacity
  • 3.1” Stroke

The ever evolving Seats, Inc. is another Wisconsin rooted manufacturer that Industrial Seats works closely with.  We’ll be making the trek to Kentucky with the I3M in hand, Seats, Inc. new turf seating option:

  • Available in Standard or Deluxe
  • EVC Cushion Support for Vibration
  • 3” Stroke

KAB Seating has an established distribution network, one that has developed world-wide.  They have subsidiaries in Sweden, Belgium, Australia and France. (in addition to their North American offices)  KAB Seating offers a wide range of seating options, and turf seating is no exception.  The COMPACT Air will be on display at the GIE+EXPO:

  • Compact 12V Air Suspension
  • Mid-ride Weight Indicator Gauge
  • Operator Presence Switch

Milsco started as a manufacturer of harnesses, collars and other farm horse accessories in 1924.  Since then they have continually evolved into “The Seating Solution Provider”.  Industrial Seats will be displaying two of their turf seats at the GIE+EXPO, including the V5300:

  • Mechanical or Air Suspension
  • Operator Presence Switch
  • Backrest Adjustment
  • Lumbar
  • 2.36” Stroke

Concentric began making industrial seats in 1995 and haven’t looked back since, even changing their company name in the process.  There will be one Concentric turf seat displayed at GIE+EXPO, the 480055:

  • Waterproof Black Vinyl
  • Backrest Adjustment & Fold Forward
  • Low Profile Suspension
  • Operator Presence Switch

With all of these great partners at our disposal, Industrial Seats is going to be the talk of GIE+EXPO.  Leave us a comment below and let us know if you’ll be in attendance.  Also, don’t forget to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!  See you at the GIE+EXPO!

Introducing 2 New Excavator Seats (Also A Good Fit for Cranes)

Sears Seating is a leader in the design and manufacture of suspension and non-suspension seating systems for the agricultural, construction, and material handling equipment, and over the road truck markets. Sears is the major seating supplier to John Deere, CNH, Caterpillar, Bobcat, Hyster, Yale, Freightliner, and many others around the world. Since 1855, Sears Seating has built a reputation for highly innovative seating products that offer unparalleled comfort and durability.

Sears Excavator 7030 Air







New for 2013 is the Sears 7008 Mechanical suspension seat and Sears 7030 Air suspension seat.   A key feature that was designed into these seats is the New HD Tilt riser.   It gives the seat 15 degrees of front tilt and 15 degrees of rear tilt.   The tilt function is extremely smooth and the controls are all located up front which allows these seats to be fitted in tight spots such as excavators.   The seat features ergonomically contoured highback fabriform seat with articulating headrest, adjustable armrests, mechanical lumbar and adjustable recline.   The 7008 features a easy adjusting mechanical suspension and the 7030 features a 24V air suspension.   It is a direct replacement for many of the OEM excavator seats on the market.   These Sears Seats work great for cranes seats as well as other lighter duty construction seat applications.

Call and speak with an app lication specialist to find a direct replacement seat to fit your needs.

Sears Excavator Seat 7008 Mechanical

Seats fit for a Crane

Industrial Seats offers many different types of crane seats.  Overhead, tower, truck and oil platform cranes will all take different types of seats.  The adjustment to move the seat angle to look down or up is critical.  KAB seating offers 2.25 in. seat cushion vertical adjustment range, and seat cushion front & back will tilt independently in the same range.

The KAB 414 and Sears 7008 will have the most adjustment for seat angle.  These seats will mainly go into the overhead and tower cranes:

  • Medium Duty mechanical suspension seat (4 in. stroke) with single shock damper
  • 2.25 in. seat cushion vertical adjustment range, and seat cushion front & back will tilt independently in the same range
  • High backrest profile
  • Left hand recliner control
  • Front height riser control
  • Full range backrest recline
  • 5 position lumbar support
  • Double locking sliderails

The truck cranes can take will mainly take truck seats for the driver and operating station like the Sears Elite 80 and National 2000.

Our most popular oil platform crane is the KAB 525P seat with breathable vinyl.  This is a joystick pod seat with a mechanical suspension.  Industrial Seats supplies companies like Sparrows and Seatrax with the 525P Pod seat.  This seat will still have the vertical adjustment range for seat adjustment:

  • Heavy duty mechanical suspension with shock damper
  • Mid-height backrest with full range recline
  • Seat pan height and tilt adjustment
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Double locking sliderails – located above and below suspension
  • Includes LH and RH steel shell control pods
  • Seat belt to anchorage ISO 6683 & SAE J386 (15kN)
  • Weight Range: 110-270 lbs.

Another type of seat is the pedestal seats which can rotate or swivel 360 degrees.  These units will have the following features:

  • Heavy duty bolt-down pedestal base features 5/16” wall thickness tubes. Self lubricating bronze bearing for smooth action.
  • 3.5” height adjustment range. Gas assist.
  • Integral heavy duty turntable locks in 45º increments. Ball bearing race design. Can be customized to lock in customer specified locations.
  • 7″ fore/aft adjustment. Heavy duty double locking sliderails.
  • High backrest design with inflatable air lumbar support insures personal fit for comfortable, prolonged sitting.
  • Robotically welded seat frame construction. 14 gauge steel pan for long term cushion service life.
  • Anatomically contoured foam cushions engineered for hours of seated comfort.
  • Headrest is height and tilt adjustable

Industrial Seats offers many different type of cranes seats if you need one customized to you specific build we can accommodate that as well.

Rough Rides – Heavy Equipment Scrapers



Heavy Equipment Scrapers are extremely rough rides.   Scrapers will expose the operator in a scraper seat to excessive levels of whole body vibration that may lead to injury or illness.  This also takes a toll on the scraper seat and often times requires various parts to be replaced over the years.


Scraper operators are exposed to higher than recommended levels of vibration and therefore a properly operating scraper seat is of outmost importance.  Scraper seats tend to be one of the more expensive heavy equipment seat to replace and also get parts for.   Seats that are built specifically for a heavy equipment scraper should be extremely robust.   Resist the urge to cut cost by putting a seat that is not designed to be a scraper seat as cost in the long run will be exceeded due to the shortened life of an inferior seat.  The scraper operator ride comfort will suffer as well with a seat not designed to handle the excessive vibration on a normal scraper run.

If opting for a scraper seat other then OEM, the size of the shock is an easy way to tell if you are purchasing a seat built for the task.  Verify the shock in the seat is at least 1.5″ in diameter or larger as a smaller shock will fail much more rapidly leading to other issues in the seat and ride.  In addition the components in a scraper seat will be much more heavy duty.

Scraper seats are sometimes offset or swivel and come with in a variety of heights depending on the model Scraper. Be sure to get the right seat for your scraper by contacting an application specialist at  e sometimes offset or swivel and come with in a variety of heights depending on the model Scraper.

Caterpillar scraper seats as well as Terex scraper seats and John Deere scraper seats are availble that are direct bolt in replacements.   Replacement parts for these scraper seats from are also available.

Top Industrial Seats for Spring

With Spring coming the hot markets are Ag, Turf and Road/Infrastructure construction.  Within each market here are the most popular seats and some of their features:


Sears Seating is a leader in the design and manufacture of suspension and non-suspension seating systems for the agricultural. Two of their top seats this spring include:


 1) Sears 5056 Deluxe  with Swivel

Features the Sears SST ergonomic design with comfort cushions
Adjustable backrest recline
Trimmed in FabriForm® cloth, can be punctured with pens and screwdrivers and will not tear
Infinitely adjustable mechanical lumbar support
Heavy duty 12 volt air suspension, compressor included
Lateral isolator with lockout
Fore/aft isolator with lockout
Ride firmness adjustment
Heavy duty sliderails
Includes 3 in. comfort armrests, height & tilt adjustable
Weight range: 110-330 lbs.

2) Sears 5045 with Swivel

Features the Sears SST ergonomic design with comfort cushions
Adjustable backrest recline
Trimmed in FabriForm® cloth, can be punctured with pens and screwdrivers and will not tear
Infinitely adjustable mechanical lumbar support
Heavy duty 12 volt air suspension, compressor included
Fore/aft isolator with lockout
Heavy duty sliderails
Includes 3 in. comfort armrests, height & tilt adjustable
Includes heavy duty integral swivel that locks at 7º / 14º / 21º
Weight range: 110-330 lbs.


The Grammer Primo is the top of the line seat in the turf market.  It is the upgrade option in many different lawn mowers, skid steers and mini trackhoe’s.  The Grammer primo comes with mechanical or air and cloth or vinyl options.  The Primo features:


Easy adjusting, super smooth, low profile suspension features a 3″ stroke to even out the roughest jolts and shakes.
12V integral compressor
A symmetrical shape of the backrest provides more elbow room on the righthand side of the seat and full support on the left hand side. This makes driving backward much more comfortable.
Backrest angle adjustment: +45º (forward) to -30º (recline)
Adjustable lumbar support. Great for sensitive lower backs.
Heavy duty sliderails with 8.25″ range
Options: 2″ retractable seat belts and armrests
Includes operator presence switch
Supports operators up to 375 lbs.


Industrial Seats offers scraper seats for Caterpillar, Deere and Terex model scrapers.  Industrial Seats will have the newer style G model scraper seats with a full swivel and tradition style seat upper with armrests.  Here are some features for the scraper seats:

Heavy Duty air suspension with 24V compressor
2 x 1.62″ diameter heavy duty shock dampers
Integral swivel, swivels left 10º/20º and right 10º/20º
Ergo seat top with adjustable armrests
Adjustable lumbar support
Double locking sliderails
Weight Range: 110-300 lbs.
Warranty: 2 years

For more information on any of these three hot markets this spring, contact an application specialist at Industrial Seats!