Tractor Seat FAQ

tractorseat_industrialseatsCan I put an air ride seat in my tractor?
It will depend on your tractor model, but usually it is possible for most tractors.   It is usually just a matter of hooking a 12V power source for the tractor seat.

What is a fore/aft isolator? 
This is a feature in a seat that gives shock absorption front to back (in addition to the up and down of the suspension).  It is common in many of the later model and larger tractors.

Is an air suspension seat worth the extra money over a mechanical suspension seat?  
Air suspension seats tend to give a better ride than mechanical suspension seats.   They typically have a higher weight capacity over mechanical and will  absorb more vibration.   They are also easier to adjust which is really good for multiple users.

Will this seat bolt directly to my factory mountings?   Will I have to fabricate?  
If you are not purchasing an OEM suspension seat from the dealer you can find help with an application specialist from to pinpoint an OEM quality direct bolt in replacement seat for your model tractor.   This way you won’t purchase something that might not fit or cause you a lot of time and money fabricating to make work.

Can I get replacement parts for my tractor seat?  
It is sometimes possible to find parts for the OEM seat depending on the brand that came factory in the machine.   Many times the original tractor seat is proprietary to the OEM and parts are sometimes not available elsewhere.   Check with the application specialist from to see if specific parts like cushions are available.   If a seat is purchased from, all the service parts are stocked and available for immediate shipment.

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Customer FAQ: Turf Seats

Introducing our latest blog category – Customer FAQ. When talking to customers, questions come up about the different product lines. We decided if they are asking there might be others of you out there that are also curious. Sticking with the theme of this month, check out the top three questions about Turf Seats:


Can you upgrade to a suspension seat when having just a pan or non suspension seat?
With the new low profile compact suspension seats most customers can upgrade to an air or mechanical suspension seat.  You can upgrade to a suspension seat with 1,2 or 3 inch suspension strokes while only raising the SIP point by a couple of inches.  The major advantage while having a suspension seat is saving your back.  The suspension will take most of the hard shots your back will encounter while bouncing around on a mower or skid steer.  The suspension seat will increase productivity and allow you to operate the machine with more relaxation.

Does the seat have an Operator Presence switch?
Some turf mowers and skid steers require a presence switch to run the machines.  When a operator sits in the suspension seat it allows the machine to run.  When the operator stands up the engine will shut off.  This is a safety feature a lot of machines will have.  Most of our seats will come with this feature.

What color vinyl do your seats come in?
Black vinyl can become very hot in the summer.  Gray or yellow have become the popular colors when choosing a seat.

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