More on Cranes

Last week we broke down the different types of seats for cranes – this week we’ll let the pictures do the talking.



Seats fit for a Crane

Industrial Seats offers many different types of crane seats.  Overhead, tower, truck and oil platform cranes will all take different types of seats.  The adjustment to move the seat angle to look down or up is critical.  KAB seating offers 2.25 in. seat cushion vertical adjustment range, and seat cushion front & back will tilt independently in the same range.

The KAB 414 and Sears 7008 will have the most adjustment for seat angle.  These seats will mainly go into the overhead and tower cranes:

  • Medium Duty mechanical suspension seat (4 in. stroke) with single shock damper
  • 2.25 in. seat cushion vertical adjustment range, and seat cushion front & back will tilt independently in the same range
  • High backrest profile
  • Left hand recliner control
  • Front height riser control
  • Full range backrest recline
  • 5 position lumbar support
  • Double locking sliderails

The truck cranes can take will mainly take truck seats for the driver and operating station like the Sears Elite 80 and National 2000.

Our most popular oil platform crane is the KAB 525P seat with breathable vinyl.  This is a joystick pod seat with a mechanical suspension.  Industrial Seats supplies companies like Sparrows and Seatrax with the 525P Pod seat.  This seat will still have the vertical adjustment range for seat adjustment:

  • Heavy duty mechanical suspension with shock damper
  • Mid-height backrest with full range recline
  • Seat pan height and tilt adjustment
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Double locking sliderails – located above and below suspension
  • Includes LH and RH steel shell control pods
  • Seat belt to anchorage ISO 6683 & SAE J386 (15kN)
  • Weight Range: 110-270 lbs.

Another type of seat is the pedestal seats which can rotate or swivel 360 degrees.  These units will have the following features:

  • Heavy duty bolt-down pedestal base features 5/16” wall thickness tubes. Self lubricating bronze bearing for smooth action.
  • 3.5” height adjustment range. Gas assist.
  • Integral heavy duty turntable locks in 45º increments. Ball bearing race design. Can be customized to lock in customer specified locations.
  • 7″ fore/aft adjustment. Heavy duty double locking sliderails.
  • High backrest design with inflatable air lumbar support insures personal fit for comfortable, prolonged sitting.
  • Robotically welded seat frame construction. 14 gauge steel pan for long term cushion service life.
  • Anatomically contoured foam cushions engineered for hours of seated comfort.
  • Headrest is height and tilt adjustable

Industrial Seats offers many different type of cranes seats if you need one customized to you specific build we can accommodate that as well.

Rough Rides – Heavy Equipment Scrapers



Heavy Equipment Scrapers are extremely rough rides.   Scrapers will expose the operator in a scraper seat to excessive levels of whole body vibration that may lead to injury or illness.  This also takes a toll on the scraper seat and often times requires various parts to be replaced over the years.


Scraper operators are exposed to higher than recommended levels of vibration and therefore a properly operating scraper seat is of outmost importance.  Scraper seats tend to be one of the more expensive heavy equipment seat to replace and also get parts for.   Seats that are built specifically for a heavy equipment scraper should be extremely robust.   Resist the urge to cut cost by putting a seat that is not designed to be a scraper seat as cost in the long run will be exceeded due to the shortened life of an inferior seat.  The scraper operator ride comfort will suffer as well with a seat not designed to handle the excessive vibration on a normal scraper run.

If opting for a scraper seat other then OEM, the size of the shock is an easy way to tell if you are purchasing a seat built for the task.  Verify the shock in the seat is at least 1.5″ in diameter or larger as a smaller shock will fail much more rapidly leading to other issues in the seat and ride.  In addition the components in a scraper seat will be much more heavy duty.

Scraper seats are sometimes offset or swivel and come with in a variety of heights depending on the model Scraper. Be sure to get the right seat for your scraper by contacting an application specialist at  e sometimes offset or swivel and come with in a variety of heights depending on the model Scraper.

Caterpillar scraper seats as well as Terex scraper seats and John Deere scraper seats are availble that are direct bolt in replacements.   Replacement parts for these scraper seats from are also available.