Feature of the Month: Sears Elite 80 Truck Seat


Sears Seating (not affiliated with Sears Roebuck) began manufacturing saddles and harnesses in 1855.  By1947, they entered the agricultural and industrial seats market and began building quality construction seats.  It wasn’t until 1981 when Sears Seating began manufacturing heavy-duty truck seats.  With almost 160 years in business and over 32 years in the truck seating business, it should not be any surprise they are responsible for one of the most popular, successful and well built truck seats on the market today.  In fact, the Sears Elite 80 boasts a 5 Year / Unlimited Mile overall seat warranty and a 1 Year / 100,000 Mile warranty on their seating trim.  Industrial Seats, (a division of United Group), located in Lake Forest, IL, is proud to partner with Sears Seating and offer customers excellent seating solutions for many of their needs.

While Industrial Seats offers various truck seat options, the Sears Elite 80 is one of the most popular.  Sears Seating engineered the Elite 80 after two years of interviewing and measuring over 200 different drivers with varying body styles, heights and weights.  They found drivers wanted many adjustable features in the truck seats.  Therefore, they developed the Sears Elite 80 with these well designed features:

  • Air Suspension with Flat Floor Riser and Black Vinyl Skirt
  • 22” Wide Seat and Back Cushions
  • Seat Cushion Tilt (3 adjustable positions)
  • Seat Cushion Extension ( 3 extension positions)
  • Full 180 Degree Recline
  • 4 Chamber Air-Lumbar Support
  • Double Locking Slides with 9” Travel
  • Fore/Aft Isolator (Reduces Horizontal Vibrations for the Driver)
  • Contoured Metal Pan Seat (More Stable and Supportive than Wood or Other Materials)
  • Multiple Material and Color Options (Two-Tone Colors Also Available at No Extra Cost)
  • Map / Literature Pockets

In addition to all of the standard built-in features above, the Elite 80 offers options such as heated and/or massage cushions, swivels and stow-away armrests.  The Elite 80 is available through Industrial Seats, which is one of the largest distributors for Sears Manufacturing in the United States.  For the past 25 years, they have assisted customers with their seating needs, from truck seats to heavy-duty construction seats to material handling seats.  Industrial Seats offers a variety of seats and the correct installation bracket for the seat to bold straight into your current truck.  For additional information, contact one of their professional representatives at 800-223-7003.

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