Things to Consider when Looking for a New Dozer Seat or Loader Seat

dozerThe ergonomics of heavy equipment seats have come a long way, especially over the last decade. Advancements in seat suspension technology and cushion comfort have made operating these large machines much more enjoyable. Many of the older dozer seats didn’t even have suspension seats, which could cause serious back issues for the operator. A very large bottom cushion was very common in the older machines, mounted to sliderails and then mounted rigid to the machine.

If it comes time to replacing these older dozer non-suspension seats, consider looking into upgrading into a suspension seat option.

There are a variety of compact suspension seats that will be a suitable replacement option without adding height. This will give you the benefit of the shock absorbing suspension which will help reduce back pain over the static seat.   If your machine came with a mechanical suspension seat and it needs to be replaced, consider upgrading to a 24V air ride suspension seat. Most of the latest dozers and wheel loaders are coming standard with an air suspension seat. Air suspension seats have better vibration absorption than mechanical suspensions. They are also much easier to adjust when switching from one operator to the next. Most dozers and loaders will not have an air source in the cab.  So if upgrading to air suspension seat, make sure you look for a seat with a built in 24V compressor (verify voltage- some are 12V).

Another trend with newer dozers and loaders is that most are now coming with highback seats over the midback seats. Midback seats were very common in older machines, but the highback seat has become more and more popular as operators realize the benefit of the extra back support that comes from the higher back.

You don’t have to settle for what seat came original in your machine when it comes time to replace your suspension seat. Contact an application specialist at to find out what upgrade options are available for your dozer seat or loader seat.

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