Feature of the Month: Tractor Seats

As the season changes and the winterizing process begins, some of you may be thinking about equipment repairs and replacement projects to tackle over the next few months. Is a replacement seat on that list? Over the next few months we will feature a product line each month of different seats out there that will improve your ride next spring. First up, Tractor Seats.

Our replacement tractor seats are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and support. These seats are perfect all types of agricultural equipment including combines, cotton pickers and sprayers. Sears, Grammer and KAB products are fitted as original equipment by many major manufactures in the tractor world including CAT, Deere and Case. Below is a breakdown of seven seats of their seats to consider for your next replacement.

  1. Sears Semi Active Seat – is higher end seat which is the OEM option in many tractors. When a farmer wants the best of the best the Semi Active is the seat we go to. It reduces about 40% of the vibration and is the smoothest aftermarket suspension in the market
    Sears Semi Active Tractor Seat
  2. Sears 5045 and 5056 – Both models feature heavy duty air suspension with 12V compressor. These seats are available with or without swivel and include armrests. Ergonomic comfort cushions and mechanically adjustable lumbar provide the support you need.
    Sears 5056 Tractor Seat
  3. Grammer MSG95/741– This seat boasts a seat pan that can extend in and out for different sized operators. It also features armrests and headrests for maximum comfort.
    Grammer MSG95/741
  4. Grammer MSG93 and MSG83 – This narrow suspension seats are designed for specific applications. The 93 is air, and the 83 is mechanical. In some specific Deere tractors the seat will have to sit in a recessed spot. The MSG 83 and 93 are the only narrow suspension seats that will fit the tractor with our specifically designed installation bracket.
    Grammer MSG83 Tractor Seat
  5. Grammer MSG 85 – This is a durable mechanical suspension seat that is OEM in many types of tractors.
    Grammer MSG85 Tractor Seat
  6. KAB 85/K6 Invictus – This low frequency air suspension seat features include a fore/aft isolator, swivel, headrest and armrest all for a very good price.
    KAB 85/86 Invictus
  7. KAB 85/E6 – This air suspension low back seat features ergonomic contoured cushions and is an economical option
    . KAB 85/E6 Tractor Seat

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