Weight Capacity of Heavy Equipment Seats

A common reason heavy equipment seats get replaced is due to the suspension failing. A common cause of this is that the original factory seat very often comes with a mechanical suspension seat with a low operator weight capacity. Common weight ratings of factory seats in heavy equipment are 265lbs-285lbs. The problem is when you get an operator that is over the weight capacity, this will cause the suspension to “bottom out”. When in a rough application such as in a dozer seat, loader seat, or haul truck seat, the suspension will bounce off the bottom causing very rapid wear of the suspension. This is also not a very fun ride for the equipment operator and his back.

The way to help reduce how often you are replacing suspension seats, is next time replace it with a seat with a weight capacity that can handle the heaviest operator you have for that machine. There are mechanical suspension seats rated up to 385lbs. and extreme duty air ride suspension seats rated up to 400lbs. By doing this the suspension seat will not bottom out, greatly increasing the life of the suspension and the comfort of the operator. Visit IndustrialSeats.com to see our 400lbs. rated seats or call and speak with an application specialists to find a seat that meets your requirements.

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