Why 4 Point Harness Seats are gaining popularity in heavy equipment?

4 Point Harness Seats offer several advantages over traditional lap seat belts common in heavy equipment.   The crash forces are spread over the skeletal body over more points than the standard lap belt.  The crash forces are spread to the strongest parts of the body.  Forward head excursion (the distance the head is thrown forward) are lessened.

Traditional harness belts allow little to no moving around once strapped.   There are newer harness belt seats that feature an inertia reel, which allows your harness belt to function like your stock belt.  That means you can still move around but it will lock under sudden movement or jolt.  These newer harness belt seats also buckle at one point like a standard lap belt which makes for easy in and out of the seat.

For off-highway equipment, be sure to check the 4 point harness seat meets SAE J2292 and SAE J386 which are off-highway harness and seat belt restraint requirements.   There should be tags marked for inspection.   Check with the people at Industrial Seats, Inc. on their newest 4 point harness seat offerings that meet these off-highway requirements.   They can help you find a 4 point harness seat that fits your application on www.industrialseats.com

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