Options for your Heavy Equipment Seat

Options for your Heavy Equipment Seat

When you need to order a replacement seat for your piece of equipment remember there are several options that may be available to add functionality and comfort.

Trim Options
The most obvious of course is what the seat is trimmed in.  Many seats are available in cloth or vinyl and even leather.  There are fabrics that are designed to breathe or to withstand severe abuse applications.

Cushion design can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Cushions may be designed to be wide while other models are trim or compact.  Cushion density can also differ with models that are firm and others that are soft.

Lumbar Support
Seat lumbar systems may also be a consideration. Many applications can utilize a fore-aft isolator between the seat and frame which allows the seat to free float a small distance to help absorb shock.  A lateral (side-to-side) isolator may also be an option in limited applications.  Many seats can be outfitted with extra shock absorbers to help with severe duty applications and/or operator weight.

Suspension seats come in both mechanical and air versions. Air suspensions may include an internal compressor and many can be outfitted for 12 volt or 24 volt applications. With today’s technology Industrial Seats can even be outfitted for heat and cooling!  Of course every application is different and not all options may apply but don’t hesitate to ask your seating dealer what is available; you don’t necessarily have to take it off the shelf, as-is.

The seating application experts at Industrial Seats are happy to help you; we’ve been supplying seating solutions for 25 years.

Trim Options

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  1. Good post! All industrial seats including agricultural seats should be equipped with options that will provide convenience and comfort to the operator. I agree that all industrial seats should be equipped with lumbar support (and neck support too) to prevent injuries in the lower back region.

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